• Dior So Light 1 Black/Grey Shades for Women

    • injection/propionate
    • Plastic frame
    • composite lens
    • non-polarized
    • Lens width: 62 millimeters
    • Bridge: 20 millimeters
    • Arm: 130 millimeters
  • eye glasses for kids

    RAD (Included; No Cost) – Polycarbonate impact resistant lenses with 100% UVA/B protection and Anti
    Reflective (A/R) scratch coating. No warranty. Our standard lens is pretty rad. Polycarbonate is the most recommended lens for kids as it is extremely light weight, shatter and impact resistant, and has UV protection baked right into it. We throw in the anti-reflective (A/R) coating at no additional cost because we love your eyes 🙂
    RADDER (Premium; $40) – Highly Recommended! Upgraded scratch guard protection plus 1 year scratch replacement warranty. $ 40.00 Polycarbonate Anti Reflective (A/R) and UV protection PLUS a premium scratch guard coating (easy clean super hydrophobic, multiple scratch resistant coatings… a scratch force field!) PLUS a 1 year scratch replacement warranty if you do manage to scratch them! Same prescription only; standard shipping rates may apply; good for 1 year from date of delivery; good for one remake.
    RADDEST (Premium + Blue Light Filter; $60) – Premium A/R scratch guard protection layer PLUS a blue light filter for use with electronic devices. 1 year scratch replacement warranty. $ 60.00 Help prevent permanent eye damage and disrupted sleep patterns from blue light! Impact resistant polycarbonate lenses with Anti-Reflective (A/R) coating, the premium scratch guard and easy clean hydrophobic protection layers (scratch force field!), the 1 year scratch replacement warranty, PLUS a blue light filter to protect eyes from harmful blue light associated with screen time and artificial lighting.
    Higher Strength Prescription? Required for sphere powers greater than +/- 6.00 or cylinder powers greater than +/- 2.00 Stronger prescription powers require more TLC from our team. Sphere power over +/- 6.00 or Cylinder power over +/- 2.00 require custom made lenses with extra surfacing, shaping, and optical wizardry. If you have a stronger Rx, please select this option to prevent significant delays in processing your order. We hate having to ask for more money later, it’s a bummer for everybody! If you are not sure, email helpme@roshambobaby.com with your Rx and we can tell you!

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