• Leather Trolley Luggage box and Bag- Set Of 6

    Trolley Leather Luggage Box set of 6 Wheeled Trolley Luggage bag is made of Strong Quality leather material that provides greater protection to your properties and expands more by 2” when you need more packing space. The 4 Wheeled Trolley Luggage system provides excellent movement whether you pull or walk along with your case. Buckled back closure system, Gain improved wadding capacity with the simple pull of a zipper closure; perfect for packing souvenirs, clothing, computer/digital accessories, and other suitable items,
    Key Features
    * Fashionable* Quality Leather* Come in a set of 6* Multifunction luggage and handbag* Sizes from 30inches to 6 inches
    What In the Box
    Set of six bags
    Specifications of Leather Trolley Luggage Bag- Set Of 6.

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