• Bouncy Curly Fringe Color -Gold

    This Bouncy Curl fringe wig is made with a good quality hair blend, it has a fine texture, it doesn’t tangle and it doesn’t , shed, it’s strands doesn’t get rough and it doesn’t change colour, it is versatile, it can be maintained with ordinary water, it lasts longer it can be used for ages, it is washable, it is not common, it can be used for both casual and parties, it can be used by both ladies and slay Mama’s, it is one in a million, it is the type of wig you will love to own, it is recommendable, it is the type of wig you will love to order for your friends, it is the people’s choice, it gives you that gorgeous look, it is quality guaranteed, our products has no rival, it is a very nice product, you will not regret buying this product, just check out the store for more than styles

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