• Ceiling Speakers 30watts

    Simple and stylish appearance, constant pressure ceiling speakers, professional public address system.
    – ABS shell using environmentally friendly materials, high temperature, corrosion resistance, environmental non-toxic, durable.
    – All metal dust cover design, the use of professional stainless steel metal, anti-aging, anti damage, to prevent pest bite, extend the service life.
    – Simple and convenient wiring port, you can quickly link, red is positive, black is negative.
    – Compact and simple spring-loaded mounting clips make installation quick and easy.
    – Professional high-quality transformer, to ensure the stability of the system, transmission distance, impedance, security and stability.
    – Speaker unit is made of professional composite diaphragm, outstanding performance of natural, clear and stable sound quality.
    – Speaker speaker professional materials, with high sensitivity and detailed sound analysis capabilities, good transient response to ensure that the audio frequency phase synchronization, to meet the needs of a variety of occasions.
    – Professional mixer tuner, the output frequency of comfort peoples ears.
    – Fashion professional background music package system for home, coffee shop, meeting rooms, supermarkets, restaurants, airports and other occasions.

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