• Nova Foldable Hand Hair Dryer -1000w

    This is 1000watts nova hand held hair dryer, very strong and powerful. get the nova foldable high-grade mini hair dryer that is ideal for grooming on-the-go. being a compact hair dryer, it takes little space in your cabinet and can be taken when you travel as well. 

    quickly dry hair a hairdryer is a much used styling aid that many women with hair of all lengths and men use to get ready for the day. a hairdryer provides the ability to get ready much faster, as it dries the hair in a few minutes rather than it taking hours to air dry. they are used not only to dry the hair but as styling aids as well.

    the nova 1000W fashion hairdryer is a super lightweight hair dryer with 1000 watts of power that make styling your hair a breeze. The concentrator nozzle directs the condensed air flow exactly where you need it, and controls frizzing which can be very common with hair dryers.

    Hot and cold wind, low noise, easy, portability and storage.

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